African Safari Lodge and Bungalows is situated 17km from Grahamstown, considered to be heart of “Frontier Country” and 10km from the historical village of Salem. It is a haven of tranquillity surrounded by lush valley bushveld overlooking the Kariega River and the Settler’s Dam. Its location guarantees wonderful sightings of birdlife, antelope and provides opportunities for fishing, all of which are found on the property. African Safari Lodge is situated in a gloriously unspoiled area of the Eastern Cape with three navigatable rivers within a 50km radius of each other. The Eastern Cape’s pristine beaches and gently undulating hills and peaceful surrounds are a botanist’s delight with a number of unusual forms of fauna and flora.

The nearby village of Salem was founded as a village community by the British Sephton party in 1820. The buildings show the enthusiasm with which they set about creating an English village in the winding green valley which formed the principal part of their holdings. The name Salem, taken from Psalm 76, means ‘peace’, and the first inhabitants were people who feared only God, hence the church served as a central fort and place of worship. Salem is en route from Kenton-on-Sea to the N2 and it falls within a 50 kilometre radius of the popular town that is typically awash with wild flowers, rolling hills, pineapples and long winding valleys that make a fascinating drive. The little 1820 village is famous for its wonderful array of historical buildings and it gained its name when the Xhosa agreed to leave the village in peace after negotiations during the War of Hintsa. Many of the original cottages are still in use today and the cricket pitch is regarded as the oldest cricket pitch in the country.

Our Vision

The vision of the owners is to promote sustainable conservation and eco-friendly experiences for visitors to the lodge. They strive to participate in raising the awareness of the area by attracting like-minded visitors for which history, nature and authentic experiences are top of mind and to endeavour to provide a service to visitors in making their experience to the immediate and neighbouring areas an unforgettable and care free one.